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Design Capacity

Design Capacity 


Multiple engineering proposals facing the oil-gas industry:

We, BOMESC, design the structure according to the oil-gas industry which is classified by the typical technology major, setting up the structure, the mechanism, the piping, the electricity & instrument, the ventilation, the outfitting and the like under the typical technology major. We could offer the diversified engineering proposal with international level for our clients through 3D modeling and imitating analysis, the finite-element calculation and optimizing combination with profession.

The engineering performance in BOMESC will combine the clients’ requirements with the industry specification & the construction technique& the adjustment formula. At the beginning of the engineering, we should consider the process requirements with comprehensive mind that we would construct and adjust and install the project in future in order to ensure the feasibility and economic benefits of the engineering formula.

BOMESC can design project according to the following international standard: ASME, API, ANSI, AS, EN, GB, JIS, IEEE. We have offered oil & gas industry design services, which meet the industry demands and local standard, in many countries and areas like China, America, Australia, Brazil, the Middle East, Britain and so on, and all of the project running smoothly.

Characterized design for different project: 

Design goals: Provide excellent design plans with characterized design which not only reflects convenience but also economics. Detailed design is the key of the project; it will affect the normal running of the project, so the design plans and flow works around a common set of factors include requirement, plan, construction, cost and operation, to ensure the plan is fit for the client's requirement.

In order to ensure maximum customer investments and long term interests, improve responsibilities and economic efficiency of the design alternative, BOMESC would be developing design works as following:
· The analysis of project feasibility.
· Establishing design objective and organizational structure, reaching an agreement between work objective and interface of every department.
· Studying and communicating with clients, controlling their needs and fabrication plans.
· Analysis of problems and risks, countermeasures and plans.
· Establishing the designing plan and budget, including every departments and total plans and budgets.
· Inputting design reviewing and passing.
· Optimizing designing plans and reducing material consumables’costs.
· Review and pass design output。
· Tracking and supporting in the construction design.


Design Software:

Due to use a variety of design software, it insured that BOMESC can be satisfied with many clients’ needs. It is able to offer clients the drawings and data which are completely in line with the industry standard. So that both BOMESC’s and clients’ data can be integration and unity. Meanwhile, improved efficiency and quality, BOMESC adopt to the advanced software, such as 3D modelling. Because of use it, it makes the design plan can be seen clearly. And in the process of using, 3D modelling provide the uniform data base in case the errors occur for the interactions influence between each other course.

Application Software in BOMESC; PDMS, Smartplant, AutoPlant, CardWorx, Scas, X-sheel, AutoCAD, Pvelite

The Scope of Design Work:

BOMESC can offer our owner many services as following:
· The detail and shop design of electrical control module
· The detail and shop design of living quarter
· Part of the detail and shop design of process module in the upper ocean
· The detail and shop design of process skids equipment
· Part of the detail and shop design of industrial module
· The detail and shop design of structural module
· The detail and shop design of vessel module
· The detail and shop design of the renovation project of offshore platform
· The detail and shop design of working ship