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HR Strategy


Talent strategy guiding ideology:
In order to fully implement “talent thriving enterprise” strategy, we are determined to improve personal skill, accelerate the construction of talent teamby attracting, training and retaining talents, and make contribution to the further development of the company.

Talent strategy principle:
1.People oriented. Target to realize individual sustainable development;promote coordination between talents teamconstruction and company development;
2.Human capacity contribution. Accelerate contribution of high-caliber talent capacity to lead the company development;
3.Implement skill training. Implement multi-level and diverse skill training to integrate and optimize talent structure;
4.Cultivate, approve and utilize professional ability to strengthen the ability;
5.Overall improvement. Enhance talent training, evaluation, promotion, utilization, transfer, stimulation and insurance.

At the time of knowledge economy, the talented people are the fundamental competitive factor of companies. In recent years, we pay more attention to attracting, training and retaining talents. We believe, with everyone growing up, the company will have the force that drives development and cohesion. Let‘s work together to make our company more prosperous and brilliant.

We are urgently recruiting design engineers with offshore engineering and ship design experience. The company provides a vaster platform for the promotion and development, as well as a competitive remuneration package.

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