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BOMESC Convenes 2017 Annual Budget Launching Conference


The Company convenes 2017 annual budget launching conference on November 17 and over 40 people including senior executives, department managers, budgeters and all members of the Finance Department attend the Conference. First of all, the Finance Department makes a brief description about the implementation condition of 2016 overall budget and arranges 2017 annual budget preparation work; each department explains the implementation and preparation of its own cost budget; at last, the President Peng Wencheng delivers a keynote speech. He puts forward annual operation goal for 2017, recognizes 2016 overall budget management work and achievement status of operation goal, expresses appreciation for effort exerted by all the employees in the past year, requires each level of staff to analyze, implement and summarize seriously in order to find out problems in management, improve management, reduce cost and raise efficiency, and hopes that the budget management in 2017 could enter into a new stage.



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