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2016 BOMESC Shareholder Meeting Comes to a Successful End


2016 BOMESC shareholder meeting is held at the Meeting Room 408, TEDA Corporate Headquarters on May 10, 2017. The meeting is chaired by Mr. Peng Wencheng, the director and general manager of BOMESC. Directors, supervisors and senior management attend the meeting. Through the combination of live and online voting, the meeting has considered and adopted eight proposals, including Proposal on the Full Text and Summary of 2016 BOMESC Annual Report, 2016 BOMESC Annual Financial Account Report, 2016 BOMESC  Profit Distribution Plan, Proposal on 2017 Comprehensive Credit Applied by BOMESC and its Subsidiaries to Banks and Sinosure, Proposal on Renewing HUAPU TIANJIAN Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership) as 2017 BOMESC Financial Auditors etc. and has formed the resolutions of shareholder meeting. In addition, two lawyers from Beijing ZHONG LUN Law Firm are invited to participate in the meeting and they have issued the lawyer witness submissions. The meeting is a complete success.



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