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Yang Maorong Meets With the Personnel of SBM and BOMESC


Yang Maorong, Deputy Secretary and Chief Executive of Binhai New Area, meets with Giuseppe Stanic, Managing Director of European district of SBM, a Dutch company, and relevant personnel of BOMESC on the morning of July 28. Both sides conduct in-depth exchanges on deepening cooperation. Jiang Fenggang, Secretary-general and Office Director of Binhai New Area, and Wang Guoliang, Director of the Administrative Committee of Harbor Economic Area, also meet with the aforesaid personnel. Heads of relevant departments of Binhai New Area and Habor Economic Area all participate in the discussion.

Both sides have conducted in-depth and pleasant talks. Chief Executive Yang Maorong fully affirms the remarkable advantages on location and policy of Binhai New Area and introduces the technological superiority and development prospects of Sino-Europe Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park. Both sides deepen the comprehensive understanding of the investment climate, energy-producing structures, advantage of locality and technical support and significantly build up the confidence of cooperation, which makes SBM and BOMESC conduct the resource integration, complementary advantages and introduce the most advanced products and top production technology into the industrial park. This talk has further promoted the cooperation between SBM and BOMESC.





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