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BOMESC was founded in 1996, located in the Tianjin Economy Development Area (TEDA), Tianjin, China. BOMESC is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company providing comprehensive services for offshore oil and gas, including LNG, and mining projects. Held in high regard by international companies due to their HSE and Quality Control Management Systems, BOMESC delivers a wide-array of products worldwide, including to China, the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Singapore and Australia.

Since the establishment of Company, BOMESC has provided comprehensive services for design, procurement, and construction (EPC) for Customers worldwide through its advantageous locations by Bohai Bay, 50,000 square meters of Head Office in TEDA, 760,000 square meters of  Lingang Fabrication Yard, and through resources provided by a free open deep-water jetty. BOMESC provides world-class products to achieve the target, interests, and technology for clients worldwide.

100% of BOMESC's business stems from international clients. BOMESC is well recognized by leading EPC companies in the world for its excellent performance in safety management, quality management, and on-time delivery.

BOMESC can provide the following products and services for our clients:

  • Living Quarters

  • Electrical buildings

  • Water Treatment Modules

  • Chemical Injection Skid/ Air Compressor Skid

  • Fuel Gas Skid

  • Generator Module

  • Manifold

  • Pipe Rack



BOMESC provides services including design, construction, onshore installation, shipment and offshore installation for living-quarter modules, electrical modules, CEM modules, fire pump rooms, process modules, the public modules, water tanks and diesel tanks which are used in the facilities construction of the upper artificial island.



As the leader in module manufacturing industry of China, BOMESC provides module service of Oil & Gas Processing and LNG projects for international resources companies. BOMESC entered the Oil & Gas market of America and Australia in 2011 and provides module services for natural gas companies located in Wheatstone, Australia. The service includes production design, procurement, construction, test and shipment, all of which l satisfies various strict requirements of Chevron, the world energy giant.


The module is related to systems as follows,

  • Gas cooling

  • Gas separation


Design, procurement, Construction and project management for mining modularization.

As the pioneer of industrial equipment modulation, BOMESC set up a cooperation relationship with BHP BILLITON to provide modularized products and services for mining projects. After finishing the first stage of the project, BOMESC was awarded by their clients for its exceptional performance, winning BOMESC the second stage project contract. BOMESC contributes to the improvement of industrial equipment modularization and provides products and service for clients worldwide through its advantage of  speed, excellent quality, and low price. Meanwhile, BOMESC solves existing problems such as long construction terms and expensive prices so that our clients can attain their economic target in business and profits.