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Celebration for “Three Million Lossless Working Hours” of Arctic LNG 2 Project was Held

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On November 27, the Celebration for “Three Million Lossless Working Hours” of Arctic LNG 2 Project was held in the harbor construction side of BOMESC. Ronald Lightsey, the Project Manager of the Owner, Bruno Le Cronc, Bernard Kwo, the Deputy Project Manager of BOMESC, and over 1,000 employees from our Construction Division, Safety & Environmental Protection Division, Quality Inspection Division and the subcontractors participated in the celebration. This event marks a milestone leap obtained in the construction work of Arctic LNG 2 Project.

Arctic LNG 2 Project, the ultra-large natural gas processing series module to be used in Arctic with single module weighed over 10,000 tons, is an important project undertaken by BOMESC in the field of natural gas liquefaction. Since the commencement of the Project in December 2019, the production construction and management improvement have been kept pace. We have been adhering to the concept of “safety first with continuous improvement” all the time, and have achieved success in the safety management. Currently, the constructions of the Project are being steadily advanced as scheduled. The general assembly of each module is being carried out orderly. The installation of specialized supports for pipe segments, pipelines, ventilation, electrical instruments and so on is being implemented in accordance with the system layout and control. The equipment provided by the Owner is arriving at the site successively. The installation works are in an orderly way and highly effective.

As the project module needs to withstand the extreme weather conditions, with tight construction schedule and great construction difficulty, in this special period of continuously fighting with the epidemic, the project group and the related department of the company planned and deployed in advance, overcame the effect of the epidemic and the heavy weather, and ensured the completion of the project nodes with quality and quantity guaranteed, obtaining unanimous praise from the General Contractor and the Owner. With “three million lossless working hours” as a new starting point, BOMESC will make persistent efforts and create a new high!



Celebration for “Three Million Lossless Working Hours” of Arctic LNG 2 Project was Held