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Arctic LNG 2 Project MWP2C/MWP4 Celebration for “Five Million Lossless Working Hours” was Held

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In this spring March with gentle breeze, flowers blossoming and everything coming back to life, the objective of five million working hours without any accident for Arctic LNG 2 Project has been successfully achieved, and the celebration for “Five Million Lossless Working House” was held on March 12. Ronald Lightsey, the Project Manager of the Owner, Bruno Le Cronc, Dai Chunyang, the Project Manager of BOMESC, and thousands of employees from the Construction, Safety, and Quality Control Department participated in the celebration.


In the meantime of continuous and rapid progress of the project, the project team keeps paying high attention to the safety in production, and taking the realization of “zero damage” as the first goal of the project safety management, so as to establish the safety system, train for safety in production, and promote the concept of safety; the project team continuously carries out the safety inspection and problems rectification work, strengthens the efforts to implement various safety trainings and educations, and meanwhile takes into account the emergency management and emergency drills; all behaviors are standardized by the corresponding systems, the execution of various safety management systems are controlled by strict requirements, and all employees are organized to sign the Confirmation of Job Duties and the Safety Commitment, so as to effectively carry out the safety commitments and the job duties for safety. The safety in production is assured by multiple strong measures, so as to continuously improve the level of safety management on site, and boost the safe and efficient advance of the project construction.

Special thanks should be given to the Owner, the Arctic LNG 2 Project Team, and the whole staff of the company for their contributions to Arctic LNG 2 Project’s smooth achievement of the proud performance - five million lossless working hours. Thanks to all units participating in the construction for their sincere cooperation and forging ahead with determination. They strictly control the quality and safety in the meantime of continuously pushing the project progress, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project, providing sufficient power for the steady progress of the project, and providing strong safety guarantee for all employees participating in the construction.


The achievement of five million lossless working hours in Arctic LNG 2 Project has become an important “milestone” for the construction and safety management of the project. BOMESC will take this as a new start point, and the project team and the units participating in the construction will continue cooperating closely and making persistent efforts, to make greater contributions to the on-time delivery of the project.




Arctic LNG 2 Project MWP2C/MWP4 Celebration for “Five Million Lossless Working Hours” was Held