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Promotion of Production by Fighting Together and Fulfilling Sincerely, and Guarantee of Delivery with Concerted Efforts

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With everything fresh again at the beginning of the new year, during the New Year's holiday, Peng Wencheng, the Chairman and the President of the company, accompanied by Shi Lei, the Assistant President of the company and the Manager of Construction Department, Sun Huaifa, the Manager of HR & Admin Department, Pan Zhiguang, the Deputy Manager of Project Operation Center and the Project Manager of Bacalhua E-house Project, Li Dongming, the Project Manager of Bacalhua Topside Project, Gao Jia, the Assistant Manager of Construction Department and the person in charge of each production specialty, carry out the on-site production tour inspection.



In the process of the tour inspection, President Peng had a detailed understanding on the production schedule, subcontractor labor allocation, production difficulties and production safety management of ARCTIC LNG2, Mero2, Bacalhua Topside and Bacalhua E-house Project.



President Peng emphasized that, in 2023, the company needed to further strengthen the awareness of high-quality development, improve the production safety management and production efficiency, and guarantee the delivery of all projects as scheduled. President Peng pointed out that, as currently there were difficulties in the production promotion of each project, such as shortage of subcontractor manpower and material supply, the officer in charge of each project should effectively strengthen the job responsibility and fulfill their duties, strengthen the project implementation management with multiple measures to be implemented simultaneously, constantly optimize the project management mechanism, improve the level of fine management, meet the project production cost control requirements, strictly follow the relevant production and construction regulations, improve the ability to secure key resources on site, and establish the awareness of construction period and quality of the whole staff. Meanwhile, at the beginning of this year, the project teams should put production safety management in the first place, tighten the string and do not relax, observe the bottom line of production safety, carry out in-depth safety inspection, and complete accurate investigation and management of production safety risks, to ensure the smooth operation of all project production, and guarantee the delivery as scheduled! Finally, President Peng expressed New Year's condolences to the employees who stayed on duty during holidays, showed his concern over them and advised them to pay attention to the physical recovery after the epidemic, and make reasonable arrangement on work and life.



Promotion of Production by Fighting Together and Fulfilling Sincerely, and Guarantee of Delivery with Concerted Efforts