Quality Management System

Bomico in 1998 through the DNV ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the company's main business into the ISO9001 quality management system certification scope. According to the standard requirements, establish the company's quality management system, put forward the company's quality policy, quality objectives and implementation of the overall requirements, so that the company in the organizational structure, management division of labor and production and operation activities to form an organic whole, to undertake the quality of the project to form the whole process of effective control and management. It provides a unified standard and code of conduct for the company to carry out effective quality activities, adhering to the management principles of PDCA and the guiding ideology of risk management, which is the basis of the company's management work.


Quality Policy

Strictly fulfill the requirements of the contract, and provide customers with satisfactory products with perfect technology, exquisite engineering construction, reasonable price and high-quality service. With the requirements of customers continue to improve the system.


Quality objectives:

1) The products meet the specifications and customer requirements.

2) The qualified rate of one-time self-inspection is more than 94%, the qualified rate of one-time inspection [company to customer (third party)] is more than 96%, and the qualified rate of final products is 100.

3) Customer satisfaction rate above 85%.


Based on the system requirements, Bomaco has established a documented quality management system model.



In order to effectively promote the operation of the system, the company has trained internal auditors to work in the dynamic maintenance system, and carried out a series of QMS system training, including documents, standards and specifications, audit skills, etc., while conducting multi-level audits, including internal audit, project audit, subcontractor audit and supplier audit.


ISO9001 certificate