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Secretary Mr. He Lifeng Comes to Inspect BOMESC Site

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In the morning of 23rd February 2012, the Vice Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, secretary of district committee He Lifeng, district committee member, the district standing committee of NPC, the district chairman of Chinese Peoples’ Political Consultative, and other members of the local government as well as the major responsible officers from Port of Tianjin Group and state-owned enterprise that belong to the district, visited BOMESC Lingang site. The president of BOMESC, Mr. Peng Wencheng led BOMESC management, the VIP project owners and the constructor workers at the site gave a warm greeting at the BOMESC site. Later, Mr. Peng Wencheng gave a report to the government leaders and visitors about BOMESC’s Lingang site’s development plan, the projects under construction, the significant achievements BOMESC has obtained in the last year, as well as the future development plan of BOMESC.


This inspection of the government leaders and other visitors to BOMESC is one part of the district government activity called “mutual compare, inspect and study” organized by the district committee central team of theory study. BOMESC is one of the inspected enterprises of this exchange and motivating field activity in Lingang Economical Area. The greetings from the secretary He Lifeng stands for the powerful support and concern from Tianjin municipal government and Binhai New district government. It is believed that in the leadership and support of Tianjin municipal government and Binhai New district government, in the management of BOMESC’s leaders, in the hard work of each member of BOMESC, BOMESC will achieve more in 2012.


Secretary Mr. He Lifeng Comes to Inspect BOMESC Site


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