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Test Center of Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co., LTD. Held Opening Ceremony

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The opening ceremony for Test Center of Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co., LTD. was held on Dec. 18th, 2020. Qiu Panfeng, vice President, Xu Lipin, center manager of project operation and invited guests attended the event.




The main area of the test center is about 220 square meters, and there are 7 calibration personnel with rich working experience in the professional field. There are 15 sets of advanced calibration equipment such as thermal instrument verification system, pressure verification system and multi-function calibration instrument. Currently, the test center contains three calibration fields: thermal, mechanical and electrical and has 21 calibration items. As a professional calibration institution of our company, it has the necessary resources to carry out business and has the right to carry out calibration projects independently.



President Qiu brought high affirmation and expectation after visiting the test center, He said, The CNAS qualification of the test center will be an important manifestation of the testing strength of the company, and the test center shall make every effort to ensure the smooth acquisition of CNAS qualification. On the basis of doing well the company's internal testing and owner-related testing business, the test center expanded the project research and the scope of work. In terms of business, the test center is not limited to material testing and physical and chemical testing, but also need to match standards and learn more, constantly strengthen hardware and software configuration, and establish as well as improve the management system of the test center. We should continue to adhere to the quality policy of "fair conduct, scientific methods and consistently pursuing excellence", standardize and control the whole process of calibration, and reach the international advanced laboratory level as soon as possible.


Test Center of Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co., LTD. Held Opening Ceremony