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Knowledge Sharing, Promising Accountability --- the Company Held the 2020 Erudition School Commendation Ceremony

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In 2020, keeping in step with the e-learning trend, BOMESC created the on-line learning platform “Erudition School”. The internal trainers changed their previous teaching modes, actively adjusted their thinking, developed and designed professional courses, and rapidly got into the role of on-line “host”. In 2020, totally 56 internal trainers participated in the course recording for “Erudition School”. Totally 95 internal training courses were recorded, with total course duration as long as 4,857 minutes, and total time of views as many as 25,094, which accumulated the wisdom and organizational experience of the company staff. In the meantime, there emerged a number of pacesetters who study diligently, love learning and enjoy learning from various departments, driving more employees to move forward with the examples, and forming a good atmosphere in which the organization attached great importance to learning and the employees kept learning.



In order to commend the outstanding ones, build pacesetters, motivate more talents to join the company's internal trainer team, disseminate culture and pass on knowledge and skills, mark the company as a learning-oriented organization, the company held the “Knowledge Sharing, Promising Accountability” 2020 Erudition School Commendation Ceremony in the Red Sail Party Construction Base on the afternoon of February 7th. Li Shuntong, the Deputy Secretary of the Company Party Committee and Sun Huaifa, the Deputy Manager of HR & Administration Department attended the ceremony. More than 50 internal trainers and the outstanding trainees of Erudition School in 2020 participated in the commendation ceremony.



In the commendation ceremony, Manager Sun on behalf of the HR & Administration Department expressed sincere thanks to the internal trainers who had made great contributions to talent cultivation in the past year, thanked them for making experiences being extracted, and making the wisdom being passed on. He also made a plan for talent training in the future, and expected all internal trainers to further support the company’s talent training needs in the new year, better disseminate the professional knowledge, and escort the construction of the company’s talent team! 


In the future, more business experts and management experts are expected to join BOMESC’s internal trainer team, to jointly accumulate, extract and share experiences, let the knowledge take root and spread widely in the organization, and make efforts together to realize the value of knowledge! It is also believed that more excellent trainees will become the pacesetters of study.


Devoted to build a learning-oriented organization, Erudition School will follow closely the company’s development steps, keep developing and contributing quality internal training courses, draw the training maps for posts, realize the full coverage of skills and technologies, empower the employees and the organization, make training become the inexhaustible intelligent support for the company, and fulfill BOMESC people’s original aspiration and mission! 




Knowledge Sharing, Promising Accountability --- the Company Held the 2020 Erudition School Commendation Ceremony