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Keeping All-round Attention, Staying Confident and Secure!

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23:30, 12th August, warehouse of Tianjin Ruihai International Logistic Company occurred massive blast. At this time being, the government is still rescuing and aiding the people at the emergency area. BOMESC extends deepest condolences to the dead firefighter and warmest regards to the injured siblings.


Ever since the emergency, BOMESC promptly organized personnel security investigation and property damage inspection. So far, 1400 employees, 5500 suppliers and 300 property owners stay safe and sound. We really appreciate the care and regards from our clients after the emergency. In order to prevent from secondary contamination from air, BOMESC has distributed 3M masks to employees today.


After the emergency, BOMESC sites upgraded its security level and inspected scaffolds of projects in construction every day to make sure everything is safe for construction. We sincerely hope that all the property owners stick to the principle of secure production with us and pull through the emergency together.


BOMESC will pay a continuous attention on this emergency as well as devote all BOMESC can to help reconstruct the community and help the victims restore their life. At this time being, we are supposed to stand united and face all the difficulties together. It’s believed that through effective measure of governmental leading, hospitals’ treat and cure, professional environmental protection and continuous attention, everyone involves in the emergency are able to pull through all this with reduction of casualties and death and restoration of TEDA. So let us face with it and pull through together.


BOMESC will always be with you all!


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