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The 1000t Gantry Crane of BOMESC was Hoisted Successfully

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On May 21, 2020, the 1,000-ton gantry crane invested by the company was raised to the expected height, and officially entered the final stage of the overall structure installation. The gantry crane has a rated lifting capacity of 1,000 tons, a track span of 110 meters, and a maximum lifting height of 100 meters, and is mainly used for lifting, turning and transferring operations of materials such as super-large hulls and specialized steel structure modules. The operation efficiency will be greatly improved after being put into use.


Since the 1,000-ton gantry crane project started in June last year, the project team has successively overcome various difficulties such as severe weather, key technical problems, epidemic, short project period, etc. Finally, the project has successfully advanced to the current stage, which lays a solid foundation for the final stage of installation and commissioning.


The 1000t Gantry Crane of BOMESC was Hoisted Successfully