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The Company Held a Special Training for “International Engineering Project Contract Management”

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To improve the company’s ability to manage the contracts for international engineering projects, cultivate professional project managers and contract management talents, serve and expand the international business better, and strive to improve the management level for international engineering projects, the company held a special training for “International Engineering Project Contract Management” during June 12 to 13, 2020. Totally 58 employees from the Project Management Division, Project Operation Center, Procurement Division, Operation Division, and Construction Division participated in the training.

Wu Zhanghua, the Vice President of the company addressed the training. He emphasized that all trainees should take the contract management as the priority among priorities of project management, keep accumulating experiences and improving their knowledge level, closely associate their learned knowledge with the routine works with the greatest efforts, implement the BOMESC corporate culture in their work and study, and realize and create their self-worth.

The training courses, starting with tendering and bidding, and in combination with the implementation features of projects, comprehensively discussed the whole process of tendering & bidding and contract management. The main explanation was focused on the knowledge of contract type, progress management, cost management, quality management, change and claim management, treatment of relationship between contract related parties, and contract risk and so on. The specific contract clauses were deeply analyzed. Through a large number of practical cases and exercises, the trainees had a comprehensive understanding on the methods of managing the contracts for international engineering projects by systematic study.

On the training site, the trainees made in-depth exchange and interaction with teachers on the practical questions related to international engineering contracts, which got warm responses. Everyone benefited a lot in the training process, and the training goal of improving trainees’ level of contract management and even the level of project management were achieved.






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