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Another New Achievement in BOMESC Logistics System— Newly Constructed Subcontractor Canteen Formally Put into Use

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To practically improve the subcontractor logistics service, perfect the supporting facilities of the subcontractor service, and build good service environment for subcontractors, our company prepared to build a service area integrating various services including office, dining, and parking for the subcontractors through overall planning and reasonable layout.

The project received great attention from the senior management of the company. Within a short period of 14 months from the planning in April 2019 to the completion of infrastructure in May 2020, the company broke through numerous difficulties and completed the investment and construction of the subcontractor integrated service area. In early June, the subcontractor offices and parking lot were put into operation. The subcontractor canteen, after nearly two months of bidding and preparation, was formally put into operation on July 30!

The subcontractor canteen covers more than 7,000 square meters of land, with 8 serving windows which can meet the dining needs from about 4,000 people at same time. The dining hall is reasonable in layout, clean and tidy, warm and comfortable. Meanwhile, new-type dining tables and chairs, and equipment for washing & disinfection, kitchen and so on are configured to meet the needs of meal preparation. To practically solve the dining needs of the frontline subcontractor staff, the canteen provides the food supply for breakfast, lunch, and supper. The dining hall is set with self-service ordering system, and multiple channels for food supply, which are convenient and efficient, improving the service efficiency! At present, there are four operators making efforts in various aspects of service including features, menu, nutrition and so on, to increase sales volume and create profits.

The improvement of BOMESC’s logistics system, the optimization of subcontractor service environment, and the improvement of subcontracted logistics service level are the reliable guarantee for the production and operation of the company as well as the smooth implementation of all projects. The full operation of the subcontractor integrated service area will certainly accelerate the virtuous cycle of subcontractors’ performance and projects’ benefits creation.








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