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BOMESC Held “Investors Walking into Listed Companies” Series Activities

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In order to guide the medium and small investors to acquire the investment knowledge, improve their risk awareness and self-protection ability, cultivate mature and rational investor team and investment culture, promote the listed companies under jurisdiction to complete the investor relationship management work, strengthen the communication with investors, improve the investment protection level, and assist in the improvement of listed companies’ quality, the “Investors Walking into Listed Companies” Series Activities were held in BOMESC port-vicinity offshore heavy industry construction base recently. The activities were guided by Tianjin Securities Regulatory Commission, cosponsored by The Listed Companies Association of Tianjin and Tianjin Securities Association, and organized by BOMESC Offshore Engineering Company Limited.



The leaders from the securities companies in Tianjin and individual investors were invited to the activities. The board secretaries of listed companies and the relevant leaders from Tianjin Securities Regulatory Commission, and personnel from securities media visited our red sail exhibition hall, model exhibition hall, and port-vicinity offshore heavy industry construction base, and made interaction and communication with our senior management including Peng Wencheng, the Chairman of the company at the forum.







We always keep good communication and effective exchange with the investors, comprehensively and actively do good job in the management of investor relationship. The satisfactory close of the activities was widely praised by the investors, making the company get closer to the investors and have deeper understanding on investors’ needs, and also making the investors walk into the company, which drove the interaction and communication between both parties, and promoted our establishment of long-term mechanism for the management of investor relationship.



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