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The Company Held a Special Training for “Best Practice of International Engineering Project Whole Process Management”

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Each completion of training is another surprise, as well as the refreshing of new knowledge acquisition.

Each farewell is for a better meeting next time, as well as for a better evolution.



Recently, the company held a special training for “Best Practice of International Engineering Project Whole Process Management”, and totally 56 employees from the Project Operation Center, Construction Division, and Quality Control Division participated in the training. The training aimed at improving the practical capability of project management personnel, comprehensively improving the level of project management, and creating an excellent team of international engineering project management meeting the needs from the company’s business development.



Qiu Panfeng, the Vice President of the company addressed the training. He pointed out that with the continuous expansion of the company’s scale and the rapid development of our business, it was necessary to deliver systematic project management training to the company’s frontline management personnel, make up for the deficiencies and shortcomings in the project executing process, and re-construct the management ideas and theories in the project management process. The trainees were expected to keep thinking in the learning process, combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical work, learn and earn, continuously summarize the points needing improvement in work, and precipitate and improve themselves better.


The training courses, aiming at the contents of project management knowledge system and starting with the management process of engineering projects, focused on the explanation on the knowledge, tools, techniques and other core contents of the project scope management, cost and progress management, quality management, communication management, and international project risk management involved in the engineering project management. Through a large number of practical cases and exercises, the trainees had a comprehensive understanding on the knowledge and contents in the field of engineering project management by systematic study, which laid a solid theoretical foundation for future practices.



On the training site, discussion, and question & answer interaction were carried out in groups, and the trainees actively made discussion and exploration under the guidance and direction of teachers. All trainees have said that they benefited a lot from the training and gained rich knowledge.



The Company Held a Special Training for “Best Practice of International Engineering Project Whole Process Management”