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Year Beginning is a Decisive Battle, Striving for New Journey — 2020 Seminar for Key Works of Management Personnel was Held Successfully

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With spring coming to the earth, everything is fresh again. On March 6, the company held 2020 Seminar for Key Works of Management Personnel. In the seminar, the key works of the company in 2020 were summarized, the development situation and tasks of the company were analyzed and researched, and the key works in 2021 were deployed. The seminar was presided over by Wu Zhanghua, the Vice President of the company. Totally 35 employees including the middle and senior management, and the manager of projects under construction participated in the seminar.


In the seminar, Peng Wencheng, the Chairman of the company summarized the company’s performance in 2020, analyzed the financial and operating data of the company, reviewed the work achievements of the company including management improvement, cost control, enterprise culture promotion, and quality improvement. The attendees made profound analysis on the new journey, new situation, and new opportunities faced by the company.


In the seminar, the group-based discussion mode was adopted. From various topics including how to implement the optimization of construction process, how to implement the whole staff plan management, how to execute the cost control, and how to implement the corporate culture, the in-depth discussions were carried out with the combination of actual works, the close sticking to the overall situation of development, active exchange of information and sharing of experiences. After the group discussions, each group raised forward-looking and strategic thought measures and opinions on the key works, unified their ideas, and reached consensus.


This seminar had a tight agenda and gave prominence to the key points, which achieved the expected results and opened a new way of thinking for the exchange and learning activities of the company's management team.






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