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2021 Special Training Course for “Lean Field Management Improvement” was Held Successfully

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As a new mode of modern business management, the “lean management” can comprehensively improve the scientific and standardized level of business management. To eliminate waste in work, accomplish high-quality consumptions with low cost and low resource, and improve employees’ work efficiency, the company specially invited a lean management expert to carry out the internal special training for “Lean Field Management Improvement”. Totally 41 management employees of the Construction Department from the production front line participated in the training. Qiu Panfeng, the Vice President of the company was present at the training site for comments. Liu Zhongwei, the Deputy Manager of the Construction Department made an opening speech for the training course.



The two-day teaching of “theory + actual exercise on site” gave a systematic explanation on the “development history, development trend, and methods of lean management”, and delivered various classes including “the purpose and significance of 5S implementation, on-site waste identification, visual presentation and visual control” in a vivid way, progressively introducing the concept of lean management into enterprise’s on-site production management.



 During the training, the lecturer arranged 5S red card exercise activities in pilot workshop. The trainees were divided into four groups -red, yellow, blue and green group to discover the “problem points of each area in the specified workshops with red labels, find out the location of the “problem points”, and raise the methods for rectification and improvement by closely combining with the elements of 5S management. All group members performed their own duties, demonstrating the team morale and teamwork competency.



Achievements of some trainees’ actual exercise activities:



During the training period, a variety of field drill activities were carried out, such as bolt assembling sand table for lean improvement. All trainees in multiple groups carried out the exercise drills and timing for different modes, and participated in the discussion for improvement suggestions. In the process of deep thinking, they personally felt the chain effect of a small improvement and the huge difference of the results. The sand table simulation exercised the trainees' competence to analyze and summarize, find out the optimal solutions of problems, and improve work efficiency.



Make the "learning to meet practical needs" put into practice. After the training course, all trainees, applying what they had learn and combining their own job content and working area, put forward effective plan improvement proposal. Although different, but they were the important parts of the giant corporate ship.


In this systematized training, the trainees further understood the concept and tools of lean production through the study of professional theoretical knowledge and the practical operations on site, keeping the “lean management” firmly in mind, and subconsciously considering the “efficiency improvement” and “waste reduction” in work. The training enabled the trainees to open new thought, master new methods, and improve to a new level.

 The trumpet of carrying forward lean management has been sounded, and the drums of eliminating waste, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency, improving quality and effect, and lean development have been beat. BOMESC will continue improving the level of lean management and upgrading the development connotation, resolutely accomplish all goals, and fully open the new journey of the company development.


2021 Special Training Course for “Lean Field Management Improvement” was Held Successfully