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Initiation of the New Mode of Centralized Cultivation for 2022 Fresh Graduates

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To further improve the company’s talent cultivating mechanism, constantly improve the talent training mode, strengthen the training of inter-disciplinary and top-notch talents, and allow the new employees to grow quickly and adapt to the requirements of their positions, the HR & Administration Department, in collaboration with the front-line departments, organized and held the initiation meeting of “Centralized Cultivation of 2022 Fresh Graduates”. Shi Lei, the Assistant President of the company and the Manager of Construction Department, Xi Yanfeng, the Safety Director, Sun Huaifa, the Manager of HR & Admin Department, Tang Xichun, the Deputy Manager of Design Department and the Director of Structure Office, Zhang Yongming, the Deputy Manager of Quality Control Department, and the Director of Mechanical Piping Inspection Office, and more than 100 fresh graduates of 2022 and mentors participated in the meeting.

In the meeting, the stage arrangement, implementation process, cultivation contents and targets, assessment and appraisal standard of the centralized cultivation mode were firstly delivered to the fresh graduates. Zhang Yongqiang, the Director of Process Office under the Construction Department made a speech as the mentor representative. Director Zhang said, in the process of the centralized cultivation of fresh graduates, mentors should resolutely perform the duties of tutors and take the lead, pass on their experiences and expertise to new employees without reservation, and meanwhile, he also encouraged the fresh graduates to develop a positive attitude, be diligent and studious, be down-to-earth to complete their learning tasks, and become the backbones of their departments as soon as possible.

Sun Huaifa, the Manager of HR & Admin Department, delivered a mobilization speech: “As the department developing the company's talent cultivating mechanism and the leading department carrying out and implementing the training management works, HR & Admin Department has undoubted responsibility for the training of fresh graduates! This reform of cultivation mode is of great significance. HR & Admin Department will pay close attention to the learning, evaluation, and other related information of each fresh graduate during the whole training period, supervise the implementation of specialized trainings, complete the assessments at all stages, and cooperate with all involved departments and mentors to solve various training problems! The fresh graduates are expected to cherish the learning resources invested by the company and all departments, accumulate steadily, and grow steadily!

President Shi Lei, the Assistant President of the company and the Manager of Construction Department made an important speech. As the advocate of the centralized cultivation mechanism and the head of the first centralized cultivation department, President Shi combined with his own study and growth experiences in BOMESC, introduced the original intention and goal of the centralized cultivation mechanism, which would accelerate the fresh graduates to understand the specialized knowledge and production operation processes by the mode of regular centralized cultivation in departments, so as to build the overall production process thinking, improve the professional skills and cognition. President Shi encouraged the fresh graduates to be confident, independent, and self-strengthening, set their career goals, be rich in calm and peace of mind, make full use of the projects and professional platforms provided by the company, enhance the improvement of their personal professional and comprehensive abilities, so as to achieve their self-worth! 
At the end of the meeting, a ceremony of new stage mentorship was held. It is expected that the fresh graduates of 2022 will continue to uphold BOMESC's corporate culture and spirit, start a new stage of study and work with firm confidence, and open a new chapter for their own career.









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