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the Labor Union of BOMESC Distributed Spring Festival Benefits to All Employees

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Bid farewell to the old Year of the Tiger, and welcome the new Year of the Rabbit. On the occasion of the coming Spring Festival, the company distributed the New Year benefits to all employees. With the care full of love and warmth, the company expressed sincere condolences and New Year wishes to all employees, and thanked everyone for the hard work and contributions in the past year. 


With prior planning and elaborate preparations, the Labor Union of Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Company Limited distributed gift packs full of "Spring Festival atmosphere” including cooked wheaten food, auspicious three treasures and yogurt to all employees on January 13 and January 16. Despite the biting cold weather, there was still a warm and animated atmosphere at the benefits distribution site. Everyone cooperated perfectly with each other, carried the goods, checked the quantity, maintained the order, and delivered the Spring Festival benefits to each employee. 


With the heavy Spring Festival gift packs in hand and warm in heart, everyone returned home with love and care, and felt the company's solicitude and the strong New Year atmosphere. The activity enhanced employees’ sense of identity, sense of belonging and sense of happiness while strengthening the centripetal force and cohesion of all employees. Moreover, it firmed everyone’s confidence and determination to create better performance based on their own posts in the coming New Year. All the employees will turn the care from the company into their working motivation, work with others hand in hand, be united and cohesive, make more contributions to BOMESC with practical actions, and create a bright future for the company! 


Since its establishment, the company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "people first”, putting the staff care in the first place, and pursuing both material and spiritual happiness of all employees. This activity of distributing Spring Festival benefits to the staff fully embodied the humanistic care of the Labor Union on the workers' holiday life and benefits. The Labor Union of the company will continue taking the pursuit of happiness for all employees and the pursuit of development for the enterprise as the starting point, benefiting employees with love and hearts, and implementing the staff care, to practically make every employee feel the warmth of "home". 


Finally, wish everyone a happy New Year, reunited family, happiness, and well-being! 








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