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FPSO SEPETIBA Set Sail Smoothly

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At 1 AM on June 16 2023, the tugboats responsible for hauling the Mero2 FPSO Sepetiba successively arrived at BOMESC port-vicinity No. 1 Pier. At 7 AM, all members of the navigator team boarded the FPSO successfully. At 8 AM, Mero2 FPSO Sepetiba was completely unmoored and set sail smoothly! Peng Wencheng, the Chairman and President of BOMESC and the senior management team, the representative of the owner party of SBM company, the representative of the owner party of PETROBRAS, and the project team members together witnessed the milestone moment.



The FPSO "SEPETIBA" is 333 meters long, 64 meters high and 60 meters wide, with a main deck area equivalent to about 3.5 standard football fields, an oil storage capacity of 2 million barrels and a maximum displacement of 450,000 tons, and it will be moored in the water area about 2,000 meters off the coast of Brazil. This is also the first ultra-large type FPSO successfully delivered in and exported directly from Tianjin Port as the key industrial town in northern China.


BOMESC, as the general contractor, is mainly responsible for the construction of the upper module of the Project as well as the hull integration, final assembly and commissioning works. In the face of the impacts from multiple factors such as long supply cycle of imported equipment and materials, price fluctuations, and epidemic situation, BOMESC, adhering to customer-oriented principle, constantly challenging itself with the spirit of never yielding and daring to struggle, and constantly improving construction technology skills, made contributions to the final delivery. In the process of project construction, BOMESC and the clients adhered to the concept of win-win cooperation all the time, jointly dealt with various challenges, and actively discussed and worked out the solutions. Through the unremitting efforts of the project team, the project was progressed steadily and the delivery was completed on schedule.


On June 12 2023, Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Company Limited successfully held and completed the delivery ceremony of Mero2 Project in the Phase I Pier of BOMESC port-vicinity construction site with the owner party of SBM and the owner party of PETROBRAS.


The successful delivery of the "FPSO SEPETIBA" Project has greatly encouraged BOMESC's determination to build FPSOs in an international first-class quality. The achievement of the company’s planning goal “improving the quality and efficiency, and advancing to the high-end” is of great significance to contributing to Tianjin’s development of marine engineering industry and construction of a high-quality city.

In the future, with the support and help from the extensive customers and partners, BOMESC will continue to adhere to the principle of safety first, quality first and on-time delivery, maintain its original intention with processes, build its brand with quality, win the market with its reputation, win the respect of customers with safety and quality, realize the grand plan of centenary development, and occupy the top of the deep blue market!


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