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Fragrant March Days, Warm Women's Day

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On March 8, the 113rd International Women's Day, in order to create a harmonious, warm, and positive festive atmosphere, and fully affirm the outstanding contributions of all female employees to the company, warm blessings and deep care were conveyed with practical actions, to deliver the rich holiday wishes.

As time goes by, the days are turned into songs. As the indispensable force of the company, female employees, with the psychology of masters in their work, passionate in their jobs, work scrupulously to fulfill duties, and bear hardships, bravely and strongly. With women's unique tenacity and meticulousness, they stick to their posts diligently, inject youth and wisdom into the brilliant cause of BOMESC, and make their own contributions to the development of the company. Every woman deserves to be treated with tenderness. They are the "warrior women" in workplace, and the "superwoman" in family. They are playing different roles, shining, and charming. Although taking on more pressure, they maintain a positive, healthy, and upward attitude all the time, and strive to be the wisdom and open-minded, calm and self-confident, unitive and progressive modern women of the time, who can be intellectual and elegant, bold and free, gentle and resolute.

Be considerate, and give blossom love. After elaborate deployment and arrangement, from plan making to gift purchase and distribution, this special day finally came. In the event, with flowers as the medium and blessings as the gift, BOMESC passed on the beautiful message of perfection, health, and happiness to all female employees. The exquisite gift cards, heartwarming greeting cards, fragrant flowers and the smiling faces of female employees were intertwined and integrated. The event of Women’s Day not only enriched the spiritual and cultural life of female employees, but also carried the sincere loving care of BOMESC on its staff. All employees expressed their intentions to be full of enthusiasm to work wholeheartedly in the coming work, be based on their job responsibilities, be the "sonorous roses", and become the most beautiful scenery on the journey of deep blue development.

The humanistic care of the company warms every employee, making every employee experience a strong sense of belonging, cohesion, and centripetal force, arousing everyone's infinite enthusiasm to join the construction industry, providing strong spiritual motivation and support for the development of BOMESC, and achieving the emotional integration and two-way travel between the enterprise and employees. All female employees are expected to play their own advantages in the future work and life in a more outstanding way, and to contribute women’s strength for creating a regional benchmark for the company and achieving high-quality development. Once again, we wish every "female", who runs hard, has dreams in her heart and has light in her eyes, looking up at the starry sky, and walking down-to-earth through every day full of glory and fragrance!









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